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ReSC software options

ReSC uses software to support its consultancy and implementation services. From supply chain mapping to auditing and reporting on non-compliances, our software can be bought to use on an ongoing basis after initial consultations – and the good news is that it will already have been populated with your supply chain data so you could be using it productively very soon after purchase.


Supplier Collaborator

Our core program, Supplier Collaborator, could be used to manage compliance of any type within your supply chain. It allows vendors at any level of your supply chain to maintain their capabilities, capacity and other operational information, while allowing you to run your compliance programme with them.

From this data you could:

  • Ensure that only compliance vendors were used
  • Map your entire supply chain
  • Manage supply chain risk and provide decision-support in this area
  • Feed data and information to other business systems
  • Report widely and in detail on ethical, technical, environmental and other areas of compliance

The software is Web-based and so could be accessed globally, on PCs, Macs and mobile devices.


Other software

ReSC also has a bespoke audit-management software tool that it uses for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Carbon emissions audits
  • Sustainability programmes
  • Risk matrices
  • ISO accreditation such as 14001:2015

The bespoke modules can work with or independently of Supplier Collaborator (if there is no supply chain element, for example). It can also ingest data from other systems or export it to corporate business intelligence tools or to inter/intra/extranet sites.

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